vendredi 1 août 2014

Spirou et Fantasio - La Machine Zététique

Il y a quelques temps, j'ai participé à un défi Spirou, pour créer une page de BD sur Spirou et Fantasio. Voici ma modeste participation.
A few time ago, I participated to a Spirou challenge, to create a page of comics on Spirou and Fantasio. Here's my modest participation.

- It's over, Zorglub ! We're here to stop you and your diabolical machine !
- Good heavens ! You're too late. You'll never stop my brilliant plan ! Mwahaha !
- Unbelievable ! He disappeared ! 
- He pushed on that button, didn't he ?
- Haha ! Finally get rid of those miserable v--
- We've got you, Zorglub !
- What ?
- Yeah, buddy, get used to it. You--
- No don't touch that button otherwise everything will start over ag--

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