mercredi 13 août 2014

A way to the North - Au Nord vais-je #1

- I knew that we were to far from the sea so that this paunchy silhouette in the back of the café belongs to a beached walrus.
- Charming as always.
- Hurry up. I'm very busy.
- Stop making a scene, we both know that you're currently on nothing. Your few customers that aren't discouraged by your aggressive and always borderline attitude are systematically rebuffed on the pretext that their cases aren't enough interesting.
- I got my methods.
- It is precisely why we need your services
- Why would I help you ?
- You're not in a position to be fussy.
- It has to be a highly important case for you to call a private like me to help you ? The donut deliverer disappeared ?
- Do me a favor and shut up a moment. We're ready to reward you more than generously for your help, if you see what I mean.
- You have all my attention.
 - You surely remember the inspector Bill Imcey, from the number of times you were in his way the last few months.
- Indeed. How's that deer Imbecile ?
- He's been killed.
- I knew he was stupid but not enough to make enemies
- It's even more strange that he's been shot during his vacations, away from any trouble.
- This moron can do whatever he wants during his holiday. What business is this of mine ?
- I'm coming to the point. He was in vacation in the little town of Volda in Norway. When he arrived, he noticed a of important number of foreigners. Tourists and students seemingly but he suspected them to be undercover agents and spies from all nationalities. When he discovered the reason of their presence, he's been shot. This situation isn't clear. Something big's going on in Volda. The local authorities refuse us to stick our nose in this case. Our hands are tied. That's where you operate. You'll take over his investigation where he stopped. Find me who killed him
- You can count on me.
- Take this opportunity to calm down all these people, Americans, Soviets, English...
- Hmm-hmm...
- Strengthen the position of France. Establish the peace in Norway.
- Of course.
- Well secure the Scandinavia.
- No problem.
- For your cover, you'll be Biørn Yrbrå, breeder of hens and avant-gardist avian furniture designer. You're leaving on the fifteenth, which should allow you some days to learn Norwegian.
- No problem, I've already been several times to Ikea.

 - Hihihi !
- What are you doing ? "Subtle little voice"
- I'm doing a thriller comics for my departure to Norway. Because Scandinavia is the country of  thrillers, dark investigations, detect--
- Bullshit !
- Scandinavia is especially and above all the Vikings ! Mysterious warriors, skilled strategists, formidable traders sailing on their knörir ! It's the appeal of the sea ! The ecstasy of the battle ! The hemoglobin spatter !
- You think ?
- Totally !
- Ok.

The year 918, five years after the beginning of the Danish invasion of Brittany and one year before the capture of Nantes by the Norwegian Rögnvaldr. A small group of Vikings came from Voldsfjorden in Norway settles its camp on the shores of the Rance.
- Well parried, Biørn ! You're improving.
- Thanks, Yngvar.
- Hey ! Come quick !

- What's going on ?
- We found him alone in a boat.
- I made as quickly as possible. I come from Voldsfjorden. The English... The English took the opportunity of your absence to attack the village ! We were defenseless...
- You heard that ? Show the English what it costs to commit such an affront. We're coming back to Voldsfjorden !

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