mercredi 13 août 2014

Speed Comics #5-16

Votre planche de BD réalisée en moins d'une heure ! 
Your comics made in less than one hour !

Nom de zeus ! Une faille spatio-temporelle semble avoir absorbé les Speed Comics de ces dernières semaines. Voici donc les douze pages manquantes du 28 mai au 13 août.

Great Scott! A spatiotemporal fault seems to have absorbed the Speed Comics of these last weeks. Here are the twelve missing pages from May 28th to August 13th.

- The human is here, o my master.
- Excellent, my faithful Grichka. Approach, human, your fate is calling you !
- Me ?
- Yesssss ! You !
- Your role is major in my brilliant plan !

 - What ?
- Follow me, my little friend.
- Sit down on this armchair.
- Hum... What's behind this sheet ?

 - Listen, I think I'm gonna...
- Come on, relax...
- Everything will go very fast... and it will only hurt a little.

 "What the hell is he doing ?!"

 - I apologize.
- Finally !
- Sorry, it was longer than planned. Ladies and gentlemen, what you've been all waiting for...

"Here comes Hippoman !"

- What ?
- Hippoman ? It sucks.
- It's true, it sounds like hippopotamus.
- How could it be of any help ?
- To accomplish the mission of course ! We needed someone who could go under the water.
- Go under the water yes, but look at him !
- This moron won't go far... 

- Where did you find this one ? Another pizza guy ?
- It does not really matter where he comes from. What matters is where he is headed to !
- It won't work.
- "Mancampe", ultimately ? It sounds combative.
- Because you want to go there yourself ?!
- Seahorseman maybe ? It's always more classy in english...
- Aquaman ? Ah no, already taken. Seaman, then ?
- Can he talk ?
- Does he at least understand what's happening around him ?
- Look ! It looks like he wants to say something !

- Hum... What's going on here ?
- Oooh ! He talks !
- Hush !
- Ah ! Don't be afraid, my little friend ! If we  allowed ourself to... hum adjust you... It is for a good reason ! You are in charged of a mission ! You shall go right in the middle of the Pacific, in the deep waters. Here exactly ! To get back a certain item (the nature of this item is none of your business). More details shall be given to you on the way... Don't waste time !

"So you're telling me that I've been kidnapped by a kind of brotherhood of evil. Which transformed me into a seahorse. To send me getting back an item, half a world away. Without even knowing what it is. And I suppose that I won't be payed for the pizza. Listen folks, it was funny but I've some work to do and I can't swim. So if you're hoping me to dive for you, you're kidding your..

- So, ship's boy, you're lost ?

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